Vegetable Biryani

What goes in?

2 spoons Ghee
Bay leaves, Cardamom, Pepper
2 spoons ginger garlic paste
a bowl of chopped capsicum and carrot
1/2 a bowl of peas
1 largge onion sliced
3 spoons curd
2 chopped green chillies
3 measures of basmati rice
2 Maggi Magic cubes
2 spoons garam masala
salt to taste

What to do next?

soak the rice for 20 mins, and cook in 3 measures of water with magic cubes untill half cooked

for the Vegetable mix

heat the ghee
Add the bay leaves, cardamom and pepper
heat for 2-3 mins
Add the onions and fry till golden brown
Add green chillies and fry well
add garam masala and salt
add the curd and vegetables
add water to cook the vegetables...

In a vessel layer the rice and the vegetable mix, and cook.
(I did this the traditional way with the vessel kept on top of a avoid direct heat)

Garnish with deep fried onion.

Time taken:

40 mins

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